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Create a league and invite friends to compete against. See who can pick a winning professional or college football team correctly the most weeks in a row.

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Join an existing league and compete against other players to see who will be victorious in the pursuit of a perfect season.

Rules and FAQ

Got questions on how all this works, or what the rules are? Take a quick read of our Rules and FAQ.

Armchair Analyst - Football Survivor Pools

How they work:

Think you know football? Well put that knowledge to the test against your friends, family, or just random people on the internet.

Armchair Analyst host professional and college football survivor pools for both public and private leagues.

You can register for an account using Google, Facebook, or Discord. From there you will be able to join leagues and start submitting picks for whatever team you think will win any given week.

If you'd prefer to manage you're own league you can do that too by quickly and easily creating a league.

The Process:

Step 1: Login to or register for an account.

Step 2: Join an existing league or create a league.

Step 3: Navigate to your leagues and submit picks for the teams you think will win for the week.

Step 4: Wait and see what happens. If your pick wins their game you get to move on and pick again next week. If your team loses then you're eliminated from that league. The last player standing in each league is considered the champion of that league.

Have Questions? Read our Rules & FAQ.

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