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The concept of our game might be new to some people or those who have played before might just want to know what our specific rules are. Here is a quick run down of how it all works.

Armchair Analyst Privacy Policy

By signing into or logging into Armchair Analyst you are agreeing to the sites privacy policy.

Armchair Analyst stores the name provided via the 3rd part service you login with, the email attached to that accounts, and the origin of your login information. A provider ID is kept as well and is supplied by the service you choose to login to Armchair Analyst with.

Information provided from these services is kept and stored within session data and cookies on your own computer in order to help validate and track you're actions within Armchair Analyst.

The personal information you provide at login with any of our supported third party services is accessible by the staff of Armchair Analyst in order to assist them with site administration and records upkeep.

Armchair Analyst will not sell or distribute your information publically or privately.

Your account information is subject to and upheld by the respective services on this website. If you have any questions about their privacy policies and terms of service you can view them: Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, Google Terms of Service and Google Privacy Policy, and Facebook Terms and Policies directory.

If your account is terminated or sevice is interupted to any of our supported third party login services it may result in a termination of your account on Armchair Analyst

Armchair Analyst does not store and will not ask for your password or for you to provide any additional personal information.

When using Armchair Analyst your in-site actions will be tracked and recorded via Google Analytics. Armchair Analyst will not cookie or otherwise make any attempt track your information and behavior once you leave this domain.

You can request a copy of all your data stored on Armchair Analyst or an account deletion by sending an email to contact[at]

Account deletion will result in all of your personal information being wiped from the site. Some data submitted internally such as username, team picks, or pools owned may be retained for internal statistics and management purposes.

This privacy policy is subject to change at any time without warning.

Armchair Analyst Terms Of Service


By signing or logging into Armchair Analyst you agree to adhear to this sites terms of service.

Armchair Analyst is provided as is with no warranty or expectation of long term support.

Failure to comply with the Armchair Analyst rules can result in termination of your account and ability to access this service.

Signing into Armchair Analyst is required to acess some of the sites functionality and features. By signing into the website you agree to adhear to our privacy policy and behavior policies.

Armchair Analyst expects that you will use the site with integrity and not attempt to compromise or exploit any of the sites systems and functionalities. Attempts to do this may result in termination of your access to the service.

When using our site as an authneticated user you are subject to both our terms of service and the terms of service for the site you chose to sign in with. Failure to comply with either may result in termination of your access to Armchair Analyst.

These terms of sevice are subject to change without warning and the staff of Armchair Analyst are allowed to terminate your sevice at any time without warning and reasoning outside the bounds of the requirements outlined within the sites terms of sevice, privacy policy, or rules.


Mulligans are a one time purchase per pool, digital consumable.

Mulligans must be purchased before week 5.

Mulligans cannot be used after week 9 of college football and week 12 of pro football.

Mulligans can reinstate a player who purchased one at any time between the end of the first week and the last available week for usage in pro or college football as outlined in the paragraph above.

Mulligans cannot be refunded. All sales are final.

Unused mulligans at the end of the season are discarded. They cannot be used in future seasons, or refunded.

Armchair Analyst has 24 hours to credit all mulligan purchases to their correct pools. Any purchases not credited within 24 hours will be eligible for refund.

Any attempts to circumvent the purchase, or payment for a mulligan will result in your access to Armchair Analyst being terminated without refund.

Attempting to other players usage of mulligans through system manipulation, or social engineering will result in termination from the service without refund for any purchases you have made.

Our payments are processed with Stripe. By making a purchase on Armchair Analyst you are also subject to any relevant portions of their privacy policy and terms of service.

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