Second Chance Leagues Now Available

By: Jack on October 14th, 2018

Many of us got taken for quite the ride in Week 7 of college football.

It just so happens that the most chaotic week of college football coincides with our new Second Chance Leagues functionality we’re rolling out for Armchair Analyst.

Second Chance Leagues work the same as the survivor pools/leagues you joined before the season started. You are just given the opportunity to start picking a second time in the middle of the season. All teams will be available for picking.

Total clean slate and a fresh start!

If you’d like to create a league to play in with family, friends, acquaintances, or total stranger visit our League Creation Page.

If you want to try your luck against everyone else in the general public we’ve created a set of pro and college football leagues that everyone is welcome to play in.

      • For pro football we’ve got the Literally everyone lost the first time around pool/league. Since most people didn’t make it very far picking professional football teams.
      • For college football we’ve got the Put In The 2nd String QB league. People have fared a little better picking college football teams but life has still gotten difficult for many and will likely only get harder.

It should be noted the Picking Teams Is Disabled While Second Chance League Registration Is Open! We will notify you by email when team picking is enabled for these leagues. You must join your second chance leagues by

  • Pro Football: Tuesday October 23rd @ Noon.
  • College Football: Thursday, October 18th @ Noon.

Picking will be enabled for those league/pool types at that time and again you’ll receive an email alerting you to make your picks. An announcement will also be made on our Facebook page.

Thanks again to everyone for taking part in our inaugural season here on Armchair Analyst!